In the offseason, or any Sunday without football, there is sadness amongst some. There's just no other sport quite like football. However, while the time in front of the screen might be paused, being a fan is a year-round commitment. Team spirit doesn’t just end after the Super Bowl. It means paying attention to the draft, practice news and especially pre-season games. At least, that's how it is for many diehard fans.

The bottom line for any level of fan is to stay loyal to your team - no matter how poorly they did last season, what type of injuries players are struggling with or which scandal the star quarterback stumbled into. As teams welcome new recruits and new coaches, fans cheer them on, you can share your fandom with the world through: NFL Swag.

All year long, you can don your favorite team's colors and proudly declare where you heart is. Your child can be part of the celebration with NFL onesies, tees and other gear. What better way to bond with fellow fans then to have your child's onesie stating, "New England Patriots"?

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You show your commitment to your team at all times. You have the mug, hat, couch throw, team jersey and camping chairs, with your team's logo proudly displayed. Now get the whole family dressed to the nines in the Dolphins, Chiefs, Eagles or Packers gear you love so much. Baby Fans is here to help you make sure that the little ones can show up in style with NFL onesies. Leave no fan behind.

Never worry about waiting until they're a teen to get them in team clothes. Baby Fans has toddler outfits, dresses and sweatshirts that are perfect for little ones as they start to grow.