The addition of a baby to a family is a very happy occasion and one that is often celebrated with parties, gifts, and wonderful times with family and friends. Presents can be for the mother, father, the new family, and of course for the new little arrival.

When it comes to gifts for the little one, a popular option is clothing. While this is a safe bet because all babies need clothes throughout their lives, it is also a little risky because how do you avoid getting something they already have? No parent wants three sets of the exact same outfit or a bunch of boring plain onesies for their baby. So what can you do?

If you know the parents well and know they are sports fans you can always consider baby sports fan clothes. Whether they are Steelers fans, Packers fans, Phillies fans, Seahawks fans, or Yankees fans, you can find a lot of options for cute and practical baby clothes for sports fan families.

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