Shopping for kid's clothes can be a challenging and frustrating experience, and affording it all in today’s economy can be an even greater challenge. Kids grow so fast and seem to go through clothes in a matter of months. It is hard to know what to buy and what to skip over, especially when it comes to trying to decide what size to buy for your child or another child in your family. They may be in a 12-month size now but how long will that fit them?

This is especially true when buying special outfits such as sports fan shirts and onesies for the little ones in the family. You do not want to buy something that they can only wear one or twice before it is too small for them. Here are some things to consider as you shop.

Kids grow quick and the younger they are the faster they seem to grow. Make sure you shop with this in mind and think about the way the child will likely grow in the next month or so. Consider the child's current size and growth rate so far. If you are close to the child try to think back on how small they were a few month ago and gauge their growth rate- this can help you plan a bit better for how much bigger they may be in a few months.

There is a lot to take in when it comes to shopping for kid's clothes but one thing to always keep in mind is bigger is better than smaller. If you are unsure of the size you need, or if you are pretty sure the current size the child wears, get the next size up. It is better for them to have to wait a month or two to fit into the outfit than for it to be too small right from the start or so small they can only wear it one or two times.

Consider what the family wears and what they already have. Plain and simple is the easiest way to go but that is no fun! If you want something special and unique consider baby and toddler and kids sports outfits. You can find everything under the sun from baby Red Sox gear to Green Bay Packers toddler outfits. Be creative and try to play into family interests and hobbies.

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