It's easy to put off packing your hospital bag until the last minute. But when it comes to this major change in your life, it can help to be a little ahead of schedule. When you hit that 32 to 35 week mark, it's a good time to start setting stuff aside and making sure you have essentials ready to take with you to the hospital or birthing center. You don't want to be scurrying around, forgetting important items, and end up packing only warm socks, NFL onesies for the baby and nothing for you to wear home.

Bring the Basics

Having a written birth plan on hand can be a useful tool for communicating with the doctor if you are sleepy, panicked or having to deal with last minute changes. Other simple items that can make your stay smoother are a phone charger and your favorite granola bars or snacks. Having something you know you like with you can be better than sending a search party to find something in the hospital cafeteria.

Just For Mom

Grab a pair of warm, cozy socks and slippers to keep your feet warm in case your room is cold. Bring a night gown or comfy clothes if you want to avoid wearing a hospital gown. You will want an outfit to go home in, possibly one that matches your baby's NFL onesies or other favorite baby outfit you pack. Stay extra comfortable by packing plenty of well-fitting underwear. Bring a few pairs. It’s always better to have more than you need. Prepare for after the birth by bringing a nursing bra, breast pads and nipple cream. Have those necessities like deodorant, a brush and dry shampoo ready to go. Travel size toiletries won't take up much space and are easy to transport. Take a bag to keep your dirty clothing in.

Going Home Outfit for Baby

For the last part of your stay, you’ll have your little one nearby. Along with your favorite going home outfit, grab a pair of socks and a hat for your new family member. Remember this outfit will be in lots of pictures, so have fun picking your baby’s first fashion debut, whether it's in NFL onesies or an outfit hand sown by grandma. The hospital should have any other items you might need. Finally, make sure the car seat is ready in your car to get the little one home!