New England Patriots fans often see the birth of a baby as a chance to pass along their team loyalty to the next generation. Before heading out to the stadium with your baby, read on for tips on what essentials to pack including team gear like a Patriots pacifier.

What to Wear
Most adult fans wouldn't attend a game without donning a jersey or other team apparel. Babies also can support their team with baby clothes and accessories bearing the team logo. Parents should order these items online with plenty of time to allow them to ship before the big game. Clothing and accessory choices for the littlest Patriots fans include everything from jerseys and "cheerleader" uniforms to a Patriots pacifier. Because much of football season in New England is generally frigid, babies should have a winter coat and warm Patriots hat they can wear to games.

What to Pack
In addition to appropriate outerwear, a Patriots blanket will help keep your baby warm in colder temperatures. If the day of your trip to the stadium is warm or sunny, sunglasses or a baseball cap will help protect your baby's eyes. Also, don't forget sunscreen.

Parents should consider wearing babies in a wrap or carrier because strollers are cumbersome and usually not permitted in all areas of a stadium.

A diaper bag is essential as well. Pack plenty of diapers, a pack of wipes and a changing pad. Because babies can have accidents, pack an extra outfit or two along with an additional Patriots pacifier should your baby drop one. Your diaper bag should also include whatever you need to feed your baby.

How to Handle Feeding
Before heading to any stadium, research the rules there for bringing in outside food such as stored breast milk or prepared formula as well as areas in the stadium that are comfortable and sanitary for feeding. Snacks are also a must for older infants who have started solids.

Team bibs, burp cloths and bottles make feeding at the stadium more fun. What's more, a Patriots pacifier can help soothe your baby between feedings.

Don't let your fandom end with your baby's birth. With proper planning and preparation, parents can easily share game day at the stadium with their little ones. Pop that Patriots pacifier in your baby's mouth, and head to the stadium to cheer on your team!