Calling all Dads! If you’ve recently become a father, or gotten the news that you’re expecting, congratulations! I know you’re probably a ball of emotions and confusion right now, especially if this is your first, but rest easy; Baby Fans is here to help.

You’re probably wondering what you can do to show your excitement to your family and friends, right? Well, you can start here; buy baby sports clothing for your new bundle of joy that will show off the true sports fan you know they’ll become one day.

Here are some good rules to follow when going to buy baby sports clothing and accessories for the first time:

  • Size: If you’re the proud parent of a new little Ohio State baby, be sure you pick up a jersey that’s sure to fit him or her. With baby sizing, you can’t go wrong. Sizes are determined by both weight and age, so if you’re unsure of the weight, simply base your selection off age. It’s always a winner.
  • Type: Typically, younger babies wear one piece ensembles and older babies and toddlers sport separates. Keep that in mind when purchasing your Notre Dame baby wear for you future football player or cheerleader.
  • Accessories: Why stop with a jersey or one piece outfit? Step it up! Got a new Steelers fan on your hands? Pair an adorable Steelers baby hat with a matching jersey to complete the look.
  • Sticking with a Theme: Perhaps you’ve decked out your nursery in a Redskins theme, and you need some quick items to add before your little fan arrives. Special touches like Redskins baby bottles, picture frames and wall art will give your nursery that little extra something.
  • Buy in Bulk: Several of our team apparel options come in two and three packs. If you’re a real fan, why stop with only one look? Dress your future quarterback in adorable Saints baby clothes that come in sets.

No matter which team your baby is a fan of, just remember one thing: have fun! Being able to buy baby sports clothing is the fun part. You’ll treasure the times spent watching the game with your little one while wearing your matching jerseys.