Going to a baseball game is an expensive excursion—totally fun and worth it, but expensive. When you add in a family, the whole experience can be totally overwhelming. You’re spending several hundred dollars, carting loads of stuff, and opening up the potential for crying babies and toddler meltdowns. Why would you do this, you may ask? Because you’re a true Yankees fan and you’re making memories!

Getting Ready

After you’ve gotten the tickets, you’ll want to make sure you have the right clothes. There are probably quite a few places to get adult Yankees apparel, and likely you already have some, but finding quality, licensed Yankee baby clothes for a decent price can be tough. At BabyFans.com, we carry a large line of Yankee baby clothes for boys and girls of all ages that will not break the bank. (There’s a good chance, as we all know, that kids will stain up a tee or jersey fast and there’s no way they will wear the size from one season to the next.) For no more than the cost of a standard tee shirt or one piece outfit, you can find adorable Yankees baby clothes that include golf style one piece tops, as well as sleepers, basic one piece snapped tees, shirt and shorts sets, wind suits, hoodies, and more. Get the standard gray and black styles or even pink for the little baseball princess.

Saving on Snacks

The Yankees organization is unique and wonderful in that they will let you bring in unopened plastic beverage containers, which can be purchased at the store or even outside the stadium at a deep discount. They will also let you bring in food, which can be a huge money saver for a family. This is also a sanity saver, because you know kids can never survive an entire baseball game without snacks and treats. No alcohol may be brought in.

Another note on saving money that goes without saying…you’ll probably want to skip the souvenir stands or at least set a budget beforehand.

Get the most from a family day at the ballpark with these handy tips and some great Yankees baby clothes from BabyFans.com.