If you are a new mom, you might be wondering what your baby’s top wardrobe needs will be. When everything at the store looks adorable, how do you narrow down which items to purchase? Sure leaving your baby in a diaper for an outfit might suffice some of the time at home. But eventually it’s time to build up a little wardrobe.  So which clothing items will your baby wear the most? One mommy favorite is the onesie. This single item is perfect and practical. Here are some of the reasons onesies can be one of the most convenient items for your new baby:


  1. No Matching Necessary: Once your baby is nice and clean with a fresh diaper, it’s time for a fresh outfit. You won’t want to spend a lot of time searching through outfits to find something that matches, so go right for the onesie.
  2. Easy to Bring Backups: Learning to master the diaper bag necessities? After packing diapers, wipes and your burping cloth, make sure you grab extra onesies. You never know when diaper malfunctions, spit up issues or other accidents will ruin the outfit your baby starts the day in.
  3. Simple Snaps, so no Zipper Issues: The two or three snaps at the bottom of a onesie make diaper changing easy. You don’t have to worry about pinching skin in a zipper. Changing is easy.
  4. Easy to Add Pants: If it’s going to be cold out, the onesie functions like a tuck in shirt. For those colder nights you can just slip pajama pants over the onesie. The snaps will keep the outfit in place, instead of rolling up, which can happen when you try to keep a shirt on your wiggling baby.
  5. Long or Short Sleeve Options: Onesies come in long and shot sleeve options, as well as a variety of summer or winter weather materials. Staying the right temperature is important for your wee one. There’s no need to leave another reason for discomfort to chance.

 One more bonus reason for why onesies are the best: You have so many colorful options to choose from. Whether you like basic pastels, bright primary colors, baby NFL onesies or florals, there are plenty of choices available. Choose ten of your favorite onesies (and don’t be surprised if you go through more than one a day). Time to start shopping!

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