Baby Fans believes that it's never too early to start rooting for your favorite team. We believe that "Once a Fan, Always a Fan," and that's why we are committed to offer the very best officially licensed products and customer service to each person that visits our online store. Whether shopping for your little one or giving a gift we hope that shopping with Baby Fans will be a positive one!


How Baby Fans got started

It all started in the year 2000. Two huge sports fans started hearing that they were soon to become uncles. Todd Wilson and Josh Fraser were elated, and started looking online to purchase gear from their favorite teams to send to little Ellie and Nate. They became frustrated when they couldn’t find University of Maryland, Boston Red Sox and NY Giants gear on a single website.

They began researching to see if other people had the same problem. They found that fans that had moved out of their teams’ market had a hard time finding baby gear. This is when the light bulb went on, Todd purchased the website name, and the two started formulating a plan.

As many people do, Josh and Todd did a lot of talking, yet there wasn’t much action. The name and tag line were set in place, but it still seemed like a dream. Todd ended up moving to Atlanta, and Josh to Santa Barbara, which made it even more challenging to work toward the dream.

In early 2003 Todd was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s disease. His family and friends (including Josh and his family) rallied around him, as he fought and beat the disease after 6 months of treatment. This left Todd tired, but he also developed a new outlook on life. It inspired Josh and him to move forward with Baby Fans, so they got to work.

After more than a year of planning, launched in March of 2005. Todd still can recall running out of his office yelling “We’ve got an order from someone we don’t know!” Since then, Josh and Todd have been amazed by the growth of Baby Fans, Inc. The site originally launched with collegiate teams, and now has expanded to include NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, NCAA and other specialty items.

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