Congrats on your new niece or nephew! You get to have the best of both worlds no sleepless nights of infant crying and all the baby cuddles you want. When there's a new niece or nephew on the way, it's your time to shine. Shower your affection on the new family addition by spoiling the baby with gifts and investing your time. You can buy adorable outfits, like MLB baby clothes if your brother's a huge baseball fan, a simple onesie that says World's Best Aunt and take a turn on holding duty.

You can be the best aunt or uncle with these five simple ways to show love to your family.

Bring the cutest presents ever! You now have the privileges of being able to buy adorable items. Since you're not the grandparent or best friend, you have less pressure to buy those useful gifts like an expensive stroller or diapers. Instead, you can get fun stuff like soft blankets, teeny shoes, MLB baby clothes or headbands that aren't likely to stay on long.

Be okay with spit up. One of the inevitable realities of infants is the spit up risk that goes with holding them. By not freaking out when it happens, or at least wearing clothes that you don't mind washing after. You can be a good sport for your family.

Recognize Your Family's Taste. Another way to get in good with the brother or sister-law is by purchasing baby stuff that is in their taste. What's their style? Is it fluffy baby gowns for a baptism? Do they prefer football gear or MLB baby clothes? Will they step up for a family picture if the baby has a fancy monogrammed bib? Figure out what they like.

Do a Grocery Run. College was the time for beer runs, but now it's time to grow up. Those first few months for a new family are hectic and running to the store can be an exhausting chore. You can offer a hand by picking up groceries to help the family out.

Change a Diaper. If you think about it, one diaper compared to their hundreds is a small offering. And sure, it's probably not your favorite way to bond with the baby, but it will definitely put you in the running for aunt or uncle of the year.

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