Too Early for Super Bowl Planning?

Have you decided what you’re going to wear? Which player’s jersey you will put on for the big game? Who’s bringing the wings? How about we start with which teams will even be there! November odds from ESPN suggest the Patriots, Steelers, Eagles or Falcons might be there. According to the Westgate Las Vegas Super Book, the Minnesota Vikings have 8-1 odds. Can you imagine if the Vikings get to play right in U.S. Bank Stadium? With or without the Vikings, the game is slated for February 4th, 2018, in Minneapolis. And you’re going to want to stake out the perfect venue for watching (if you’re not planning on braving the cold in person).

 The truth of the matter is your team may not make it. Sports happen. Sometimes the fantasy league plays out in your favor. But other times, injuries, last-minute plays, crumbling defenses and other issues come in and change the trajectory for your favorite players. Don’t let this stop you from being loyal to your city and team - no matter what. When your love for a team is endless, you stick by the players no matter what happens.

 You can start shopping today for the outfit you’ll wear to watch Super Bowl 52, even if your boys aren’t on the field. Take that fandom a step further by getting your baby into gear also. Baby NFL fans matter too! Either find the onesie with your team’s name plastered across the front, or take the controversy down a notch with a baby football diaper cover and football knit socks. You might have to get one of each, once you see how cute these outfits and accessories are on your future QB.

 The moral of the super bowl planning story? While it might be too early to start placing any bets, it’s never too early to start planning the ultimate outfit.


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