Depending on where you live, being a sports fan can be a defining part of your identity. For instance, baseball fans in New York take who they're rooting for much more seriously than say, fans in Los Angeles.

If you happen to be a diehard fan living somewhere that's just not that into sports, you have an uphill battle when it comes to raising a little sports fan of your own. However, these tips will help ensure you pass your passion on, no matter how many miles apart you and your team happens to be.

  1. Start early. Maybe your spouse thinks MLB baby clothes are cute but as a true sports fan, you know the importance of starting 'em young. Dress your little tyke in team colors from birth and start watching games together from day one, and your kiddo will never know any differently.
  2. Play the sport with your child. There's nothing like tossing a ball around outside with your kids. It's an all-American tradition that's fun and good for you, too. Bond with your sports-fan in training while getting fresh air and exercise. Not only that, but actually playing the game will give your child a much deeper understanding of how the game works as well as the amount of effort and practice that goes into playing it well.
  3. Go to games. You can't call yourself a true fan unless you've sat in the stands and cheered for your team in person. There's something truly special about attending a game that simply watching it on television can't match, no matter how big your HD flat screen is.

Perhaps most importantly, while you're watching the game and playing it, too, talk to your kids about it. Teach them about the rich history behind the game, the team and the players, to help them appreciate the team's past as well as its future.

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