When it comes to sports, supporting your favorite teams is crucial to the game. It may be difficult to do if your team has had a terrible season, or even if they’re getting crushed during the most important game of the year — but sticking by their side is something only a diehard sports fan would do.

Why is it so important to continue supporting your favorite team, even through their most difficult of times? There are three reasons to keep your support loud and strong.

It Keeps You Passionate

Being passionate about something is not only good for the team, but it’s good for your own well-being. It helps keep you motivated to work towards something or helps you enjoy watching the game and looking forward to it just a little bit more. Even watching your team lose only makes you that much more excited about the next season when they come back for the win!

You’ll Buy Sweet Gear

A lot of teams offer incredibly wonderful sports gear for their fans, from adults to babies. For example, if you’re from Texas, there are many Dallas Cowboy baby clothes that can help you show off your team spirit not only through yourself, but for your little ones as well. In a matter of one shopping trip, you can buy gear for the whole family!

You Can Bond With Other Likeminded People

It doesn’t matter if your team wins or loses, when you truly care about the game, bonding with other fans of the team is an easy and fun way to make friends and share fun experiences. With your knowledge of the game and the team, you’re bound to form strong friendships and engage in new activities with other sports fans.

Kicking your team when they’re down is only going to make the sport less enjoyable for you. Remember that there are many reasons to always support your favorite teams, so do it any way that you can.