Do you know someone who is having a baby? Are you looking for the perfect baby shower gift to give the expectant mom for her little bundle of joy? If so, you have come to the right place! Instead of getting the run of the mill, expected baby shower gifts, here's a look at some gift ideas that will be sure to delight the soon to be mama.

NFL Baby Clothes

Clothing is a common gift to give at a baby shower; however, instead of giving something generic, if the parents are football fans, give the gift of NFL baby clothes. Onesies, T-shirts, bibs, and even a baby jersey with the expectant parent's favorite team's logo displayed on them will surely be a hit.

A New Parent Survival Kit

Being a new parent can be totally overwhelming. Give the soon-to-be parents a baby shower gift that will surely come in handy: a new parent survival kit. Fill a basket with items that the new parents will find totally useful, or will just get a chuckle out of.

Some ideas include lotions and creams for the mom, clothespins for their nose to use when changing those diapers (a gag gift,) a bottle of wine and some wine glasses or some beer and beer steins, gourmet coffee and oversized coffee mugs, and perhaps a new parent survival book are just a few things you can fill the basket with.

Gift Certificates

They may seem thoughtless, but gift certificates are a godsend to new parents. There are so many places you can get them gift certificates for that they will totally appreciate; a baby store for baby supplies, a grocery store, their favorite restaurant or a spa, along with a personalized gift certificate from you to watch the baby so they can get out for a little bit.