Many new parents feel trapped at home because they feel that a baby wouldn't be welcome at certain events or businesses. Rest assured that taking a baby to a Cardinals game will fun and relaxing for the whole family. Here are a few things that parents should bring along when taking a baby to the ballpark.

1. Baby Wrap or Sling: Wraps and slings keep infants safe and comfortable. They also allow parents to easily stand, cheer and enjoy refreshments while cradling their youngest. Mothers who breastfeed value slings and wraps because they offer privacy.

2. Strollers for Toddlers: Most toddlers will require assistance to walk from the parking lot to their seat. Save your back by bringing a compact stroller into the ballpark.

3. Fan Gear: You're bound to get your five seconds of fame on the big screen with a little one dressed in St. Louis Cardinals baby clothes.

4. Sippy Cups for Toddlers: Not all concession areas offer lids and straws.

5. Sun Block: It is possible to get sunburn even on a cloudy day. Bring the whole bottle in case it gets hot enough that you must remove their St. Louis Cardinals baby clothes. A toddler ball cap will add protection and shield the baby's eyes from the sun.

6. Handheld Fan: When babies get hot, they get grumpy. Avoid a meltdown by offering a cool breeze. If you're facing triple digits in the ballpark, consider a mister.

7. Cardinals Bib: Protect St. Louis Cardinals baby clothes from nacho sauce, ketchup, frozen drinks and other messy fan favorites by investing in a bib featuring the team's logo.

8. Ear Plugs: Cheering fans may frighten babies on their first trip to a Cardinals game. Having ear plugs also allows them to sleep with less chance of an interruption.

9. Personal Cooler: Keep your baby's juice or formula cold with a cooler that's small enough to throw over your shoulder. Add a couple of frozen water bottles or ice packs before you leave the house.

10. Toys and Pacifiers: In addition to St. Louis Cardinals baby clothes, many fan shops offer toys and other merchandise geared toward small fans.

Take a few snapshots of your child in St. Louis Cardinals baby clothes early in the game. Also, arrive early and let the crowds file out before you leave to avoid using the stroller or carrying a baby in a large crowd of fans.