NFL fans often welcome the arrival of a baby with great enthusiasm and see it as the opportunity to pass along their love of the game and their passion for their favorite teams to a new generation. Before hitting the stadium with the new arrival to introduce them to the game, it is important that you prepare properly as you introduce the world to your bundle of joy decked out in the finest baby NFL jerseys, shirts, jackets, and accessories.

What to Wear

Most adult fans never dream of hitting the game without being fully decked out in their best team apparel. Babies and toddlers are also fully able to show the support of their team with baby clothes and accessories from Baby Fans. The choices that are available for your little sports fans are numerous and include jerseys, uniforms, pajamas, jackets, hats, and more. Find the items your little one needs and deck the out from head to toe in garb that shows their love for their team.

What to Pack

In addition to making sure your bundle of joy is dressed to impress make sure you pack the blanket to keep the little one warm as you enjoy the game season during colder temperatures. For sunny warmer days at the field or stadium or arena be sure to pack a hat and sunglasses; also, remember to bring sunscreen for everyone but especially for baby.

A baby harness or carrier are a great way to keep up with baby and helps save space and is easier to navigate through crowds with than a stroller. A diaper bag packed with baby essentials is a must have and remember the extra diapers, changes of clothes, and food that you will need throughout the day for the little one.

How to Handle Feeding

Before you head out to any stadium for the big game, take the time to research the rules about outside food and if there are special requirements for security measures for things like breast milk or prepared formula. You will also want to check and make sure you feel comfortable with the safety and sanitation of the area to be sure baby can safely eat there.

Snacks are also a must for older infants who have started solids. Snacks are a must have for older babies and toddlers and a pacifier can help keep baby happy between snacks and meals. Above all keep your little one safe and looking great throughout the game and show them the love of the game with baby NFL jerseys and outfits and accessories for all of your favorite teams!