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    No Mets baby should head for a tailgate party without sporting the latest Mets baby gear. You’re teaching them early to love New York’s greatest baseball team, so dress them for the occasion! Grab some awesome baby gear for Mets fans, including:


    It gets awfully sunny at the ballpark, and baby needs sun protection during your tailgate party. In addition to applying sunscreen to baby’s delicate skin, keep the sun off of her head and face — and out of her eyes — by purchasing a Mets baby hat for the game. Choose from baseball caps, beanies, and bucket hats.


    Mets onesies, T-shirts, and dresses will let your baby show some love for the Mets while keeping cool on game day. When it gets later in the season — and closer to the playoffs and World Series — buy a warm, snuggly Mets hoodie or sweatsuit to keep your baby warm. You can even buy coveralls to keep your baby warm and cozy if the weather at Citi Field turns cold.


    Sure, your baby probably won’t be noshing on a hot dog just yet, but a Mets baby bib can keep her veggies and cereal off of her new Mets onesie. Buy a few of them: one for your tailgate party, one to keep in the diaper bag, and one to use at home.


    With some Mets baby pajamas, your baby can tailgate by day and dream of the Mets by night. Mets T-shirts are great for sleeping during summer, but soft footie pajamas are perfect even after baseball season is over.


    Does your baby want so show off both her sports love and her girlie side? Buy a Mets sundress or some cute pink or lavender Mets cheerleading outfits.


    After you’ve tailgated, listened to “Meet the Mets,” and sat through a few innings, your baby might get a little restless. Bring along a Mets baby pacifier, and attach it to his Mets onesie with a Mets-themed pacifier clip.

    When you’re planning your tailgate party, don’t forget to shop for Mets baby gear. Don’t let them become Yankees fans. Remember, ya gotta raise ‘em right!