Even the biggest die-hard sports fans have their very first sports event at one time or another. Everyone has to start somewhere, so the first event you attend should be the most fun, enjoyable, and let’s not forget, comfortable experience ever.

When you’re preparing to go to a sports event, you should do more than just mentally prepare yourself — you need to dress properly for the event that you will be attending. Getting the tickets to the event is the hard part; the important part is getting ready to go!

Consider the Weather

Wearing your favorite sports T-shirt may seem like an awesome idea, but if you’re going to be outdoors or inside of an ice arena, you’re going to want to have a jacket or sweatshirt handy. While representing your team is one of the obvious ways to make your experience more enjoyable, you’ll want to be comfortably warm as well.

Dress the Family

Attending sports events alone isn’t always as exciting as it may seem, so bringing along the whole family can be a great way to provide entertainment for everyone. This can even include young children and babies, if they are able to attend. Dressing the little ones in baby sports gear can make the activity fun for everyone; even those sitting next to you, who can appreciate your little one’s cute, sports-related outfits.

Watch the Colors

If you don’t happen to own any sportswear or wait too long to buy your favorite team’s jersey, don’t worry about it! Another easy and quick way to support your team is by wearing the team’s colors. This can give you a chance to show your team spirit, without breaking the bank. If you truly have no clothing in your team’s colors, just be sure not to wear the opposing team’s colors by mistake!

Properly dressing for a sports event is just another way to help you have the time of your life at one of these events.