Summer is the perfect time to get out of the house and introduce your baby to new sights, sounds and experiences. The weather is warm, so there’s no need to bundle up. However, it’s important to protect that precious bundle of joy from the sun’s rays, so be sure to pack plenty of baby-safe sunscreen and apply often.

A neighborhood walk in the stroller can be a stimulating treat for your little one, but there are also plenty of summertime activities that are fun for your baby and the entire family. Below are some great new experiences to introduce baby to this summer:

Local Park – A community park is the perfect treat for a family with a new baby or even several children spanning a range of ages. All children and babies love to swing! Place your little one in a swing and watch as they giggle away and kick their little feet. It’s also a great vantage point for them to people-watch and take in all the other children playing about the park.

Zoo & Aquarium – Lions, tigers and bears - Oh my! To be inside the brain of a small child as they see and experience such majestic creatures for the first time would surely be fascinating. Introduce them to beautiful sea and land creatures and you just may inspire the love of animals and fish for life!

Beach – Sand in between baby's toes, water on their feet and the sounds of crashing waves and birds chirping above - all of these new textures, smells and sounds will stimulate your precious baby.

Swimming – Everyone loves to splash and play around in the pool on a warm summer day, and your baby is no exception. He or she will be intrigued by the giant bathtub and will love playing with fun water toys!

Baseball Game – It’s never too early to introduce your little one to America’s favorite sport: baseball. Naturally, they were born a New York Yankees fan and should be dressed accordingly in Yankees baby clothes. Dress your little guy in a replica Yankees Jersey, or your little princess in a Yankees Pink Cheerleader dress for their first time out to the ballgame. They might not be able to enjoy the peanuts and popcorn, but they sure will look adorable in Yankees baby clothes.

Get out this summer with your baby – let them feel the grass, touch the sand, and enjoy their first trips to the zoo and a baseball game! But wherever you go, be sure to show your team spirit with adorable Yankees baby clothes