Congrats on making an investment in your passion. Getting season tickets is a big commitment and sign of major fandom. It shows that you want to be there to see it all; the cold spray of ice as players race across the rink, the vibrations of gear against gear with each high speed collisions and the thud of the puck as it whacks against the wall or window.

Here is your guide for being the ultimate season ticket holder:

Plan Your Week. You now have 1 or 2 games a week to attend. This is going to require some planning ahead, so that you're not booked with other activities night after night. Protect your schedule to sure you get your down time and your sports time.

Bring the whole family. Nothing shows your excitement quite like having mini-fans there. Bringing your baby NHL fans will show that your enthusiasm will extend into the next generation.

Dress The Part. Before you and the kids pile in the car, throw on your team swag. It should be obvious whether you're a Blackhawks, Penguins or Flyers fan. Don't stop at jerseys for mom and dad. Make sure your baby NHL fans have cozy onesies with your team insignia.

Perfect your Snack Game. Since you'll be heading to the stadium on a regular basis, you'll want to figure out a food plan. Will you eat before? Will you be tempted by the delicious snack smells filling the air? Will you be stuck waiting in line and missing the best parts of the game? Figure out your plan early on, so you are armed with snacks and not missing any moments of those play-off games.

Plan naptime accordingly. When you're going to bring an infant to a sports event, you know it's important to get through the evening as seamlessly as possible. Get your baby NHL fans ready for the night out by setting yourself up for success. If your baby NHL fans can nap through loud noise, bring a sleepy baby. Or if you baby is better behaved with a nap and feeding before the game, than the little one can happily chill on mom or dad's lap.

Scope out the parking situation. Make sure you know a fast route for getting in and out of the stadium. When it comes to the big games and rival face-offs, you don't want to leave early like lackluster fans who are trying to avoid foot traffic and gridlock parking garages.

Share the wealth. Build a solid list of VIP friends who you can share your tickets with on the nights you won’t make it. Other priorities will inevitably come up, so having a go-to list of fellow fans will make your life easier