A tragedy is sweeping across North America: Babies are learning to love the wrong baseball teams! In spite of parents’ efforts to raise their babies right, their kids just aren’t getting the message.

Let’s face it: Unfortunate things happen when you don’t buy MLB baby clothes early enough. Just listen to these stories from desperate parents who’ve lost their children to rival teams.

From a Red Sox Fan:

“We took our son to Fenway after his 15th birthday. The next summer, he got a job and bought himself a Yankees jersey! We’re heartbroken.” –Bob from Boston

From a Braves Fan:

“My daughter is a Cubs fan. A Cubs fan! I feel like I’ve failed as a parent.” –Annie from Atlanta

From an A’s Fan:

“I’ve been taking my son to see the Oakland A’s since he was in kindergarten. Last week, he told me he’d rather hang out with his friends — at a Giants game!” –Otis from Oakland

Do these stories sound horrifying? If they do, don’t worry. It’s not too late to keep this from happening to your baby! Start dressing your baby in the right team’s fan gear early. Buy baby clothes from your favorite baseball teams.

MLB Baby Clothes: Get Baby Into the Right Gear

Sports indoctrination experts agree: Start your child on the road to being a superfan right, and start when they’re babies. Follow these steps to make sure that your kids aren’t led astray:

  • Take them home from the hospital in your favorite team’s onesie. Chelsey from Chicago says, “I dressed my son Jason in a White Sox onesie when I took him home from the hospital. Today, he’s a faithful Sox fan, and I owe it to that first important outfit!”
  • Put them to bed in baseball pajamas. “My daughter didn’t just play in her Giants jersey,” says Sam from San Francisco. “She slept in that jersey, too.”
  • Don’t forget accessories. “I think the key was the Dodgers binky, hat, and leg warmers,” says Lisa from Los Angles. “She was probably a little warm with all that on during the summers, but believe me, it was worth it.”

Don’t let your baby grow up to love the wrong baseball team. It all starts with the right MLB baby clothes. Purchase yours today!