You’re never too young to declare your Major League baseball team allegiance. Dress up your baby fans in clothing and accessories from your favorite teams.

Baby Fans: Essential Gear
The baby fans in your life might not say much when they cheer, but the clothes they wear will speak volumes. A lifelong dedication to cheerleading starts with the right gear.

Deck your baby out in clothing to celebrate your favorite team. Get a newborn T-shirt — and then buy some more T-shirts so they still have options as they grow. You can also buy onesies, hoodies, dresses, and even tutu bodysuits for your lil’ cheerleader to wear on game day.

Your cheerleader shouldn’t just wear baby fans clothing; she should have all of the accessories to go along with it. Major League baseball binkies, bibs, hats, and shoes will complete her superstar look.

Nighttime Gear
Let baby cheer for her favorite teams even in her sleep. Pajamas, blankets, and slippers from her favorite teams will inspire many happy hours spent in peaceful slumber, dreaming of pitchers and catchers.

The First Cheer
Your baby might not be able to sing “Take Me Out to the Ballgame,” but she can cheer along with you during every baseball game. Try these tips to inspire your future MLB cheerleader:

  • Shake it up. Give your baby a rattle with your favorite team’s logo, or give her a blankie to shake when someone crosses home plate. She might not be able to find the words — and she chew on her team gear at first — but she’ll be mimicking your enthusiasm in no time.
  • Teach the lingo. Sure, it’s sweet when baby fans say “dada” or “mama” before saying anything else, but “ball,” “Go!” or “Yay!” also make great first words.
  • Watch games together. When your little sports fan won’t nap, let her watch afternoon MLB games on television. When she refuses to sleep, put her in her car seat and take her to a night game. If she’s not going to rest anyway, you both might as well have fun being awake!

Let supply your baby fans Major League baseball gear. Shop for your own little cheerleader or buy a baby shower gift today!