It's the small stuff that makes the biggest impression. Dress up your little one with adorable accessories like beanies, caps and baby baseball shoes before you head out to show off the newest addition to your family.

What's better than sports-themed baby shoes? They are the ultimate baby shower gift or anytime accessory to splurge on. Get baby baseball shoes or team-themed booties either as a gift or for your own little slugger. You can even buy shoes for Father's Day. Just pick out a pair with dad's favorite team, and the baby will be the perfect cheerleader for the home team. Tiny shoes are the most adorable add-on for any outfit and are likely to last for some time, since shoes don’t take the brunt of spit-up accidents the way onesies do. Also, the little guys and gals are not walking those first months, so shoes are there just to keep those toes warm and add some style.

You'll also be happy you remembered to bring baby shoes, when you're in the waiting room for a newborn check-up appointment. The air conditioning seems to always be turned up, like they are trying to freeze out everyone who is waiting. If your baby wiggles out of their cozy swaddle, the shoes will save the day and keep your infant's feet warm.

No one can beat mom's shoe collection, but you should still have a few options to choose from when dressing your new infant. Also, as babies develop hand-eye coordination, they just might start leaving a shoe behind. You'll find the little treasures in the crib, on baby's blanket, in the car and tucked in your baby carrier. Dads won't mind searching for the missing shoe (at least not as much) when they are looking for booties in the colors of their favorite sports team. It’s a man moment that dad can get excited about, when he sees his kid wearing baby baseball shoes or "My First Football Shoes."

Baby Fans has the ultimate collection of infant accessories for MLB, NFL, NCAA, NBA and NHL fans. Pick out your favorite baseball cap, pink crochet beanie or team logo bib with matching booties. Protect your child from sunshine on those days by the pool or at your favorite sporting event. With bucket hats and baseball beanies, the cuteness will be out of control.