Is yours a family that loves hockey? A great way for everyone to bond and have fun is by attending games! When you decide it’s time to take your youngest family members to their first game, there are some things that should be taken into consideration:


  1. Timing: There are afternoon and evening games. Depending on your child’s age, an afternoon game might be ideal to avoid a cranky child who is ready for bed before the game is over.


  1. Special Events: A lot of local teams, especially minor league ones, host special family-friendly events. Check the team’s calendar to see if there is an upcoming event that your child or children would enjoy.


  1. Noise: Hockey arenas can get quite loud, so investing in ear protection for your child isn’t a bad idea.


  1. Apparel: The arena will most likely be chilly, so make sure everyone, including the kids, is dressed appropriately. Baby hockey jerseys are a cute way to dress for the occasion but still ensure that your child is warm.


  1. Snacks and souvenirs: Part of the fun of attending a sports event is the arena snacks and fun souvenirs. Have some extra cash on hand for these purchases.


Sports events make for a great family activity as long as you’re well prepared! Find baby hockey jerseys in your team’s colors at, take a few easy steps to prepare ahead of time, and have fun at the game.

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