With basketball season in full swing, your family is probably excited about watching your favorite team play! You can include your littlest family member in the fun of watching the game by hosting a kid-friendly watch party.

 Make fun snacks: Chex Mix with M&Ms in your team’s colors is easy to make, fun to look at, and delicious to munch on! Cupcakes with basketball toppers, cookies in the shape of referee shirts, and even strawberries decorated to look like basketballs are also fun sweets to have on display.

 Decorate for the occasion: Garlands with basketball shapes or a string of pennants in your team’s colors are easy to make (or inexpensive to purchase) and can be reused for your next party. A striped tablecloth to represent a referee uniform will create an interesting contrast with the orange color of basketballs, and plates in napkins in your team’s colors can be found at any party supply store.

 Make it interactive: Mount toy hoops above trash cans so people can practice their shot when throwing away trash.

 Dress the part: Find your favorite team’s apparel at BabyFans.com, from baby Lakers clothes and Chicago Bills bibs to Warriors rompers and Knicks onesies.

 When planning your next basketball watch party, it’s easy to find ways to include the little ones in the fun! Baby Fans has a wide range of NBA kids clothes, including baby Lakers clothes, Spurs onesies, and much more.











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