Are you dying to share pictures of your little guy or gal to the whole world? With Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook feeds flooded with general cuteness, having a picture that stands out can be tough. is here to help – especially with ideas for new parents that happen to be mega sports lovers.

Just like yearbook photos where people bring their favorite show-and-tell items to the photo shoot, your announcement can include an item that you love. Dressing up your infant and bringing sports gear to the scene can be humorous, sweet, and memorable.

 Show off those ten tiny toes, wee hands and sleepy eyelids with these 5 ideas for baby arrival photos:

 The Baseball BackgBaby onesie with rattleround - Place a baseball next to your new sleeping infant. On the baseball, write the baby's name, birthdate, weight and length.  You could even share some of your fandom with baby sports apparel like an Angels’ onesie.

 Breakout Your Good Ole Mitt - Another option for MLB fans is to dig up your baseball glove and rest your baby in it. This cute idea can show size perspective and be a nod to your favorite team. Complete the look with colorful baby sports apparel, like a cap with an embroidered logo.

 Bring out the Bat – Show off your child’s height – or length rather – with a baseball bat next to them. Add a little bow to the bat to give it a playful feel.

 Football and Basketball Crib Buddies - Skip the picture next to a plush teddy bear and replace the stuffed animal with a football or basketball. It’s another chance for size perspective and you can write your baby’s name on the ball. For those football fans, you can kick up the cute a notch with a football diaper cover.

 Just the Shoes - What is more adorable that a little babe only wearing either socks or booties? The sweetness is incomparable. Give this look a sporty edge with an embroidered team logo on the socks or shoes. 

 Top if off with a Cap – A final irresistible look for your announcement is putting an oversized baseball hat on your baby’s head. A portrait of your baby practically swimming in dad or mom’s hat will definitely be memorable.

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