Would you head to Lambeau Field without every single member of your family dressed in Packers gear? It seems unlikely. But in case you’ve forgotten to make sure even the tiniest family fan is decked out, Baby Fans is here to help. Explore the entire collection of Packers baby clothing even standout looks like the Packers Infant Girl Camo Bodysuit.

Here are 5 can’t-miss events that you can attend and know with certainty that your baby will be the best dressed:

  1. Ice Bowl-Level Winter Games – When you’re heading to a frigid game (as long as it’s not too cold to keep your baby with you), dress your baby in one of our many options for keeping your kiddo warm. You could choose the Packers Baby Coverall with Cap, the Green Bay Packer Infant Uniform Sleeper with long sleeves and footies or the Packers 2 Pc Thermal PJs.
  2. When it’s Time to Face the Rival Team – Going head to head against the Chicago Bears is kind of a big deal, especially when it happens in Title Town. Make sure that those Bears’ fans know who they’re messing with. Get your baby set for the rival game with Packers items like the onesies, newborn gown, baby 3-piece set, bib and bodysuit, all found at BabyFans.com.
  3. Movie Night showing Pitch Perfect 2 – When you’re staying in for a family or girls’ movie night, and Pitch Perfect 2 is up, there’s no excuse for not wearing fan clothing. Have your baby dolled up in Packers gear and cozy in the swing as you proudly cheer for Clay Matthews’ cameo.
  4. Celebrating the milestone of FINALLY getting your season tickets – Some people wait decades to get off the waiting list for these prized tickets. When your year finally arrives, it’s time to throw a party. This is the perfect opportunity to dress your kid in a Green Bay Baby Performance Onesie.
  5. Sunday Night Football, Baby – You will be set for any given Sunday during football season once you have a wardrobe of Packers clothing for your child. Add a final touch with the Embroidered Packers Baby Security blanket (with a soft teddy bear attached) or the Packers Newborn Baby Blanket.

 Dress your baby for all major Packer events and more with these one-of-a-kind looks. Green Bay won’t know what hit them.

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