Safer Ways to Watch the Game

If your family is like mine, sports games are a favorite social activity. Tail gating, cheering in the stands, parties, and of course, watching the game from home. But due to COVID, we must rethink how to enjoy the upcoming games while staying safe. 

 Here are a few ways you can minimize risk while keeping the spirit of the game alive!

 Watch from Home

This one seems like a no-brainer, but staying home is the safest way to cheer on your family’s team. Make the most of it by turning your living room into a party. Put up decorations in your team’s colors, make every family member’s favorite snack, wear your team gear, and don’t be afraid to cheer loudly!

 Tail Gate Party

If you love to host, consider having an outdoor, pregame party. Staying outside is a great way to minimize risk. Instead of putting out chips and dips to share, ask your guests to BYO snacks and drinks. Not only does this lessen the spread of germs, but it makes hosting way easier for you! Encourage face coverings in between food and drink, and before the game starts, wave your guests goodbye. Time for your family to cuddle up and watch the game from the couch!

 Keep It Small

If you decide to invite friends and family over, keep your number limited. Encourage guests to either BYO snacks and drinks or swap the traditional chips/dip for less communal snacks. Be up front with your guests about your house rules regarding face coverings, social distancing, etc. It may be best to invite guests over the phone to open the conversation, rather than paper invitations or email.

 While many states are loosening up on social distancing laws and reopening public areas and stadiums, it’s important to check on your state’s current guidelines before engaging in social activity.


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