3 Fun Ways to Get Kids to Clean a Messy Room

Parents, we have all been there. You open the door to your kid’s room and enter a war zone. The bed isn’t made, their clothes is everywhere, and who knows how many toys there are in there. Sometimes, one of the biggest parental struggles is teaching your kid how to clean their room and pick up after themselves. Luckily, there are plenty of fun ways to get kids excited about a clean room:

 Reward them – The most common way to get kids to clean their rooms is offering them a reward. Whether it’s an extra hour of TV or a trip to their favorite ice cream store, this is a great way positively reinforce their good behavior and responsibility. Another creative way to reward them is by planting Easter eggs hidden in their room filled with small prizes.

 Play music – There is nothing like moving and grooving while you clean your room so this is the easiest way to show your kids that cleaning can be fun!

 Make it a game – Considering all the toys they leave lying around, you know your kid is always willing to play a good game. Grab their favorite NBA kids jersey, set up the laundry hamper, and ask them to see how many balls of clothes they can shoot into the hoop.

 It’s hard to get your kids to clean their room but there are so many fun ways to motivate them. If your child is a sports fan, check out BabyFans.com for kids’ NBA, MLB, NCAA, and NFL gear.


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